About Praborini Lactation Team


Praborini Lactation Team

Praborini lactation team is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who have come together out of a common interest in effective management of lactation.  Founded in 2009, our team is comprised of Pediatrician, Dentists, and Medical Doctors who are certified as Breastfeeding Counselor and IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants).

Led by dr. Asti Praborini, a pediatrician and IBCLC,
the team has been established in five hospitals in Indonesia. 

Our service consist of outpatient and inpatient care to support mothers since pregnancy, breastfeeding up to two years, and weaning. We take care of problems during breastfeeding such as sore nipple, mastitis, breast abscess, tongue tie, lip tie, frenotomy, hospitalization for nipple confusion, lactation induction, slow weight gain, breastfed baby who fail to thrive, breastfeeding for working mothers, and many others.

Our works has been published in Clinical Lactation, an official journal of United States Lactation Consultant and numerous International seminar such as Gold Lactation, Cutting Edge Symposium in Australia, and IATP summit in Denver Colorado.

Please meet our team members!

dr. Asti Praborini Sp.A, IBCLC

Asti Praborini, MD, Pediatrician, IBCLC, is a granny of a successful breastfeeding mother. Having 27 years of experience as pediatrician convinced her that nothing is more valuable than breastfeeding, for both mother and baby. As a national speaker, she campaigns the benefit of breastfeeding despite the loads of breast milk substitute marketing.

She built the first dreamed hospital-based lactation team in Indonesia that works ultimately to help mother breastfeed her baby. She practices frenotomy for anterior as well as posterior tonguetie and lip-tie, established her method for hospitalization of nipple confusion, supplementation, adoptive nursing, and many others. She also devoted her time to give pro bono services to the poor in pediatric clinic of Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma (LKC) Dompet Dhuafa and received LKC award in 2011.

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She had experience of giving lecture internationally in Gold Lactation Online Seminar 2015, Cuting Edge Seminar 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, and International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Proffessionals Summit in Denver, Colorado 2016. Her team’s work has been published in Journal of Clinical Lactation, an official journal of the United States Lactation Consultant Association.

dr. Ratih Ayu Wulandari IBCLC

Dr. Ratih Ayu Wulandari, IBCLC is a lactation consultant in Puri Cinere Hospital, Depok, Indonesia. She entered the lactation field once she realized that breastfeeding mothers need help and support. Having experience breastfeeding her babies with tongue tie and lip tie, she understand the pain and support early frenotomy.

She now joins Praborini lactation team and practice frenotomy for tongue tie and lip tie. Experienced as a speaker for Gold Lactation and Gold Midwifery seminar, she provides private and group classes for lactation, complimentary feeding, baby led weaning and baby swimming.

She believes attachment parenting is the best way to nurture a child, and share the thought on her blog posting www.menjadiibu.com
dr. Gina Swastika, IBCLC, CIMI

Dr. Gina Swastika, IBCLC, CIMI developed interest in lactation since she practiced as General Practicioner in Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma (LKC), a free helath service for the poor. She came across countless impoverished babies or babies who fail to thrive because they were fed diluted formula milk, or because their mother suffered from ankyloglossia and had difficulty breastfeeding.

To see failing to thrive babies finally grow and develop as they’re supposed to and being breastfeed for up to two years is her pride and joy.

Since 2012, she practices as lactation doctor at RSIA Kemang Medical Care. She also earned certificate from IBCLC and CIMI in 2015, and studied acupuncture specifically to help her practices as a lactation doctor.

drg. Danar Sekartaji

Drg. Danar Sekartaji was born on September 7th 1990. When she was a baby, she was not exclusively breastfed due to lack of education regarding the importance of breastfeeding and breast milk at the time. After being introduced to lactation field, she realized that Indonesian parents should have access to all the information they need about breastfeeding, so they won’t experience what drg. Danar and her mother have gone through.

She graduated cumlaude from the Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Prof. Dr. Moestopo (Beragama), Jakarta. Her interest in dentistry, especially pediatric dentistry, encouraged her to learn more about child growth, even from infancy, through lactation education. At the moment, she works as a dentist in Klinik Gigi Smile Dental Lebak Bulus, as well as a lactation counselor in Lactation Clinic of Puri Cinere Hospital.

drg. Retno Anggraeni

Drg. Retno Anggraeni was born in Jakarta, August 25, 1980, and graduated from Padjajaran University Faculty of Dentistry, Bandung.

Her experience of breastfeeding two of her children made her realizes that the world of breastfeeding is very complex and breastfeeding mother needs help and support. Besides her job as a dentist, she’s also a breastfeeding counselor in Puri Cinere Hospital. Seeing her patients successfully breastfeed their child brings pleasure for drg. Retno.

Becoming a part of AP lactation team make her learn new things about the world of lactation.

drg. Annisa Wiraprasti

Annisa Wiraprasti is a dentist and lactation counselor. When she was in college, she learned that breastfeeding has important roles in children's oral health. She also understands that sometimes a newborn oral condition can affect the breastfeeding process (e.g tight frenulums, infant’s natal teeth, etc). She performs frenotomy in early days of the newborns who have difficulty to latch on to the breast. Her passion is to support mothers and her family to achieve their breastfeeding goals.

She has two daughters who she breastfed for two years. She now lives in Sumbawa, Indonesia and likes to share her knowledge and experience by email: annisa.wiraprasti@yahoo.com
dr. Ria Subekti

Dr. Ria Subekti is a lactation counselor in Permata Depok Hospital. She graduated from University of Indonesia in 2010, and had some experiences in addressing breastfeeding problem when she was practicing as a general practitioner.

She entered the lactation field once she realized that breastfeeding mothers need help and support. Having experience breastfeeding her baby with tongue tie and lip tie makes her understand the necessity to perform early frenotomy.

She now joins Praborini Lactation Team and practices frenotomy for tongue tie and lip tie. She is pleased to be contacted at riasubekti@gmail.com
dr. Shella Riana

Dr. Shella Riana was born in Jakarta on September 3, 1988. Graduated from the YARSI University in 2012, during the internship she was active as committee of the Internship Association (Ikatan Dokter Muda) of MRM Ridwan Meuraksa Hospital during period 2010-2011.

Shella has two daughters, she failed to breastfeed her first daughter and decided to become a breastfeeding counselor. She is now still breastfeeding her second daughter. She wishes to breastfeed her up to 2 years. She believes breastfeeding is the best way of infant feeding and very important for a mother and to the whole family.

She currently practices as a General Practitioner in Cinangka, Depok and also practices as a lactation counselor at RS Permata Depok.

dr. Viranda Putri Mariska

Viranda graduated from Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia, and struggled very hard to breastfeed her first son. She realized that breastfeeding mother needs help and support.

She decided to gain more knowledge in lactation field and join AP Lactation Team. She could be contacted at her email address virandamariska@yahoo.com.
dr. Aini

Dr. Aini was born in Bengkulu on Desember 13th, 1981. She graduated as a medical doctor in 2007 from Faculty of Medicine, Christian University of Indonesia, Jakarta. Through her father, who is a pediatrician who also Dr.Asti Praborini's best friend, she was introduced to lactation field, which was unfortunately never been taught at medical school. Her passion to the lactation keeps growing as she please to help the mothers and babies with breastfeeding problems to overcome their concerns and to ensure that they can breastfed successfully until 2 years. Since on July 1st, 2016 she has established a peer group that support mothers and babies (and even fathers) to breastfed. She uses a group chat's application to have a lot of discussions with the mothers everyday through the smartphone. Now the group has reached more than 330 members and expected to have more in the future. Together with the members, she does breastfeeding campaign in social media as well.
dr. Erika Agustianti

Born in Meulaboh on 19 agustus 1985. Graduated from First High School in Banda Aceh, and continued her study in Unsyiah Medical Faculty. After she graduated, she moved to Jakarta and teaching in UIN Medical Faculty Jakarta. As a breastfeeding mother of three, she believes that breastfeedingsa is very important and joined Praborini Lactation Team in August 2017. She is now working as lactation doctor in Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital.
Dr. Hafidhoh Arvona

dr. Hafidhoh Arvona was graduated from Faculty of Medicine Abulyatama University Banda Aceh in 2012. She is a mother of two children. Her experience on breastfeeding her second child was full of struggles because her knowledge in lactation was very minimum. The beginning of the breastfeeding process was full of drama, but dr. Arvona has a passion and a strong determination to continue breastfed her child. She had through her relactation process with her second child under the care of Praborini Lactation Team. Finally, she can breastfeed comfortably until the age of her second child was 2 years old.

Because of the experience of being a lactation patient, dr. Arvona took a training to be a lactation counselors and several lactation seminars to increase her knowledge. dr. Arvona wants to be able to help mothers who have difficulty on breastfeeding to get the best and happier solution to breastfeed like her. She practices as a lactation counselor at RS Permata Bekasi and still practice in esthetic medicine which has been her favorite.

dr. Irma Suryani

Dr. Irma Suryani is a lactation counselor since 2011. She was born on October 22, 1977. She has six children with different breastfeeding experiences. The various breastfeeding experiences have fostered her interest in studying and updating about lactation by taking national and international seminars and workshops. She also has expertise in lactation acupuncture which has been studied since 2005. All these efforts purposes based on her love for children.

dr. Irma was graduated from Yarsi University in 2002. She aspires that Indonesia will have more qualified and dignified future generation. She believes that with breastmilk, a miraculous substance given by God, they can grow physically and spiritually optimal so that they can prove their belief that God has created humans in the best possible form.

Dr. Irma is often a speaker in social events and lay seminars. Currently Dr. Irma practices as a lactation counselor at RS Hermina Bekasi and RS Permata Bekasi. She hopes those who are facing problems in breastfeeding can get the right solution. You can also contact Dr. Irma via irmasurya95@gmail.com

Dr. Ayi Dilla Septarini Sp.A

Dr. Ayi Dilla Septarini Sp.A, was born in Jakarta, September 6, 1980

is a pediatrician and lactation counselor. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in 2004 and graduated from a specialist school of Child Health at UI in 2011.

dr. Ayi had failed to breastfeed her first child and had difficulty breastfeeding her second child. However, after a tongue tie and lip tie frenotomy was performed on Dr. Ayi's second child successfully breastfeeding until the age of 3 years.

This success made Dr. Ayi wants to help other mothers to successfully breastfeed like herself so that more babies get the best rights, namely breast milk and avoid breastfeeding difficulties such as excessive weight loss or even failure to thrive.

This passion and high motivation made her want to know more about lactation thus she attended seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.

Currently Dr. Ayi joined the Praborini Lactation Team and became the head of Permata Bekasi Hospital Lactation Team. She practice at Permata Bekasi Hospital, Awal Bros Bekasi Barat and Hermina Galaxy Hospital.

Dr. Azizah Chairiani

Dr. Azizah Chairiani who is usually called Riri was born in Jakarta, May 15, 1991 and graduated from Trisakti University General Medicine in 2016.

Dr. Riri had 2 children and had failed to breastfeed her first child, so she wanted to learn about lactation while pregnant her second child and became a lactation counselor in 2016.

Her love for lactation made Dr. Riri attended many lactation seminars and joined the Praborini Lactation Team. She believes breastfeeding is important for all children in Indonesia and ready to help mothers to breastfeed their babies for up to 2 years.

Currently Dr. Riri practices as a lactation counselor at Permata Bekasi Hospital and also as a general practitioner and lactation counselor at the Bintara Bekasi Trimedika Clinic.

Dr. Riri can be contacted via e-mail chairiani@yahoo.com.

dr. Ina Ratna Pratiwi

dr. Ina Ratna Pratiwi born in Jakarta on November 3, 1985 is a mother of two children and graduated as a doctor from the Faculty of Medicine, Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta.

dr. Ina was interested in lactation after attending the In House Training event held at Permata Bekasi Hospital, She is now deepen her knowledge by joining the Praborini Lactation Team.

dr. Ina often conducts counseling for mothers working in industrial estate companies so that they can continue to provide breast milk for their babies until their baby is 2 years old.

Currently Dr. Ina also opened general practice in Setu (Burangkeng), Tambun, Bekasi and is also one of the lactation counselors in the hospital. Permata Bekasi.