Baby Feeding Workshop and Live Cooking Demo entitled “Let’s Cook MP-ASI!” At Permata Bekasi Hospital

Written by: dr. Aini, CIMI & dr. Vindita Tamara

Babies need complementary foods for breast milk or so-called Makanan Pendamping ASI (MP-ASI), starting at the age of 6 months old. Optimizing the nutritional needs of babies is very important during their first 1000 days of life, from the womb until two years old. We expect children to grow and develop optimally according to their age with a good nutritional intake. It is very important for parents, caregivers, and health workers to gain knowledge about providing proper complementary feeding practices. Many parents and health workers lack proper education on how to prepare high-quality MP-ASI, leaving them overwhelmed by babies that refuse to feed. To address these issues, we organized a workshop and a live cooking demonstration entitled “Let’s Cook MP-ASI!” The goal was to educate people about the benefits of providing good and complementary foods for breast milk, in accordance with WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations and 4-star principles. The Praborini Lactation Team, with support from RS Permata Bekasi, held the event on Sunday, March 3, 2024. It was located on the 1st floor of building B Permata Bekasi Hospital, Mustika Jaya, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. There are several fun activities at this event. There was a photo session, which included participants, speakers, and event facilitators. Participants took a pre-test before the main seminar began. Following that, the question-and-answer session allowed participants to engage in more interaction. Finally, the MP-ASI cooking workshop activity was carried out with facilitators from the “Praborini Lactation Team.” The facilitators divided the participants into five groups and gave them hands-on practice in preparing MP-ASI meals. The workshop session included a post-test, door prizes, and awards. We awarded prizes to the top participants and those who posted the best testimonials on Instagram. We provided food, meals, and snacks to the participants by the end of the workshop. They can also try the MP-ASI meals they prepared. All participants also received attractive goodie bags from sponsors and Permata Bekasi Hospital. The event was hosted by drg. Indah Lailatul Azizah. There were 85 participants registered and 77 participants attended the workshop. They came from various backgrounds and professions, such as housewives with their spouses, grandmothers, caregivers, general practitioners, dentists, midwives, and other health workers. The seminar began with remarks from Permata Bekasi Hospital director, Dr. Fuady Salmy, MARS, and the participating sponsors. Followed by remarks from the head of the lactation team at Permata Bekasi Hospital, Dr. Ayidilla Septarini,MD pediatrician, IBCLC, and then the founder of Praborini Lactation Team, Dr. Asti Praborini, MD pediatrician., IBCLC, FABM. Dr. Ackni Hartati, MD, a pediatrician, gave a presentation on the proper sequence of MP-ASI according to the WHO guidelines. M. Kes. The participants who attended said that this event was very beneficial for the public and those who work in the health sector. In today’s digital age, a significant portion of information on the internet and social media does not align with the WHO MP-ASI principles and the 4-star principle. As a result, babies who receive MP-ASI, which is not optimal, appear thin and may even suffer from stunting. The cooking facilitators, consisting of Mrs. Meyta Winduka, AMG, Dr. Irma Suryani, Dr. Ina Ratna Pertiwi, dr. Wilda, Dr. Vindita Tamara and Dr. Krisna Dewi, dr. Ranni and Dr. Chyndita Arti Pranesya, have brought the MPASI cooking activity together in an interesting way. The babies who attended looked eager to eat the MP-ASI meals prepared at this event. Some parents also bring the dishes home for their babies. Let’s see the excitement of the of the event…



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