Balikpapan Health Service celebrates World Breastfeeding Week 2023 in the Seminar “Support for Working Parents”

Written by : dr. Nuria Ikhsyania IBCLC

Working mothers who want to breastfeed their babies face several challenges, such as: 

1. Time management: They must divide their time between work and breastfeeding their babies. Excessive work mobility can make breastfeeding difficult, and working mothers must set aside time between working hours to pump breast milk. 

2. Low amount of expressed breast milk: Working mothers may experience low milk production due to stress and fatigue due to work. Many breastfeeding mothers say that one of the most common challenges is the feeling that they are not producing enough breast milk. 

3. Baby has nipple confusion: The baby may have difficulty suckling on the mother’s nipple after getting used to the bottle. 

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4. Sore nipples: Working mothers who pump breast milk may experience sore nipples due to using an inappropriate breast pump or pumping breast milk too often. 

5. Availability of space: Working mothers need a comfortable and safe place to pump breast milk at work. 

Therefore, working mothers need to pay attention to time management and personal health to produce enough breast milk and give breast milk for their babies while still considering the medium of expressing expressed breast milk that supports the goal of direct breastfeeding until the age of 2 years. Companies can also help by providing a comfortable and safe place to pump breast milk at work.

On Thursday, September 27 2023, Praborini Lactation Team, represented by dr.Nuria Ikhsyania, IBCLC, is fulfilling the invitation to speak on ‘Support for Working Parents’ for World Breastfeeding Week 2023 with the global campaign ‘Enabling Breastfeeding, Making a Difference for Working Parents”. The event was held in the Ballroom of the Grand Senyiur Hotel Balikpapan, with 150 audiences comprising company HRD, health workers at the Community Health Center, PKK, Manpower Office, women’s organizations and related agencies. In this seminar, several trainings were also given such as various breastfeeding positions so that the baby can latch on well, expressed breast milk management, and how to give expressed breast milk using glass cup media.

We are proud that all Community Health Centers in Balikpapan City already have counsellors and policies to accompany breastfeeding mothers. Let us together be the support working parents need to successfully breastfeed for up to 2 years because women are a company asset, not a burden. We can all play a role in fulfilling children’s rights to be provided with best care and nutrition.❤️

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