Post Competition Activities Report on WWA XI at the Grand Dafam Rohan Hotel, DI Yogyakarta, 28-29th February 2020

by dr. Hani Purnamasari, Msi.Med Sp.A dan dr. Tanty Riyanti

Improving children’s nutrition problem through breastfeeding at a national level must be done comprehensively in collaboration with several stakeholders. Lactation team of RSSH, which consist of several general practitioners, dentists, and also pediatricians, have already working together in improving infant nutrition by tackling the issue of breastfeeding problem between mother and their baby. Several cases that arise do not have an applicable national guideline, which can be used in answering the day-to-day clinical practice. Meanwhile implementing guideline from other countries often seems to be incompatible to the Indonesian medical application. Therefore by the successful guidelines arrangement obtained, from several lactation induction cases in RSSH, the lactation team feels obliged to publish the findings through scientific activities carried out by related parties.

Therefore it was felt the need to write a case report on the Winaya Waidya Anarawata XI (WWA XI) event in 2020. This activity raised the theme of “Nutritional Problems in Children’s Health Science Practice”. The event was held by the Indonesian branch of pediatricians of DI Yogyakarta branch in collaboration with the Department of Pediatrics FK-KMK UGM routinely in the form of scientific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities for pediatricians and general practitioners throughout Indonesia.

The WWA XI program consisted of workshop, which was held on the first day (Friday, 28th February 2020) and symposium on the second day (Saturday, 29th February 2020).

The composition of the WWA XI Symposium on Saturday 29th February 2020

On the second day, poster presentation competition was also held at 9.00-10.00 WIB. This activity was attended by 23 participants, who presented case reports, and 1 participant brought a literature review. The assessment was conducted by 6 judges who where divided into two groups so that there was enough time (5 minute per poster).

BANNER 728 x 90
Case report poster entitled “Lactation Induction for Direct Adopted Baby Breastfeeding” (All included photos were presented with written consent from the patient)
1. Posing first with the poster before the final assessment From left to right: dr. Tanty Riyanti and dr. Hani Purnamasari Sp.A Msi,Med 2. Group photo with all judges and all case report poster participants
Poster assessment by Judges

Dr. Tanty Riyanti presented a poster on a lactation induction case for direct breastfeeding in adopted babies. With the time constraint of only 5 minutes determined by the committee, which includes questions and answers. The judges seemed enthusiastic and still wanted to ask, but due to a very limited time unfortunately could not be delivered.

List of other case report posters

According to one of the committee, this poster was chosen as the best poster because it got the highest score on the originality of the reported case and was considered ‘applicable’ to be applied now, where the breastfeeding era is increasingly becoming a trend and in practice there is no protocol flow for the particular issue as a reference in Indonesia. Moreover, the poster was most suitable for the theme WWA XI Program, “Nutritional Problems in Children’s Health Science Practice”.

Dr, Hani Purnamasari Sp.A Msi.Med and Dr. Tanty Riyanti are part of the Lactation Team at Syarif Hidayatullah Hospital, South Tangerang City, Banten. We are also part of Praborini Lactation Team. The happiness emerged in presenting this case report will be followed with sense of hope that more and more pediatricians and other institutions can accept the idea behind the case report poster.

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