Third World Breastfeeding Conference

On 11th – 15th of November 2019, Praborini Lactation Team attended “The 3rd World breastfeeding Conference” and “The 1st World Complementary Feeding Conference” in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This conference was held by the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and supported by the Brazilian Government.

This world class conference is held once in every two years and were attended by more than two thousand participants which came from various profession and various countries. All the participants attended the conference to gain more knowledge and to support a healthy and proper breastfeeding and weaning food.

This conference started with an event called “A Thousand Mothers Breastfeeding.” This event aims to attract people’s attention about the importance of breastfeeding. With this event, they hope they can motivate the mothers in Brazil and every other countries in the world to practice breastfeeding until 2 years old. All the participants were singing and dancing happily while doing the breastfeeding. (Picture 1)

On the 2nd day we visited the first Human Milk Bank in Brazil. This Bank is located in Fernandes Figueira National Institute for Women, Children and Adolescent Health (IFF). Until 2017 the South America had the most Human Milk Bank in the world (78,3%), while other areas like the United States 9,3%, North America 7,5%, Europe 4,5% and Africa 0,3%. There are 332 Human Milk Bank in South America with Brazil having the most of them. (Picture 2)

We are lucky to be able to discuss with Professor João Aprígio Guerra de Almeida as the coordinator of “The Brazilian and Ibero-Americsn Network of Human Milk Banks” (Picture 3).

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Professor Almeida said that the human milk that are donated to the Human Milk Bank have gone a strict selection process, clarification, and pasteurization, and then distributed as a “Quality Certified” Human Milk for babies that are under Neonatal Care Unit (Picture 4).

He also said that they’re not only doing the gathering and distribution, but they also have breastfeeding support centre, quality control method, nutrition indicator, monitoring and advisors.

On the third to fifth day we attended a seminar that was opened by the Ministry of Health of Brazil and the event was also attended by lactation and nutrition expert from various countries. Seminar were delivered in 3 different languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. After the opening, Praborini Lactation Team with the other delegates from Indonesia presented a dance with Gemu Fa Mi Re song in the background that is originated from Maumere (East Nusa Tenggara). While we were dancing, all the participants were also dancing along to the rhythm of the Gemu Fa Mi Re song, it was an exciting and proud experience for us. (Picture 5)

One the third day, Asti Praborini, MD, Pediatrician, IBCLC (Leader of Praborini Lactation Team) was presenting “Cooking classes for breasfeeding mothers to optimize complementary feeding among breastfed babies in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia.” (Picture 6) and Anjar Setiani, MD, Pediatrician was presenting “Lactation Induction I Primary Amenorrhea Mother: A Case Report.” (Picture 7)

This event was really fun and increase our knowledge. We hope we can participate in the next International event and share the knowledge to our patients in Indonesia.

Happy Breastfeeding.


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