IN HOUSE TRAINING ON LACTATION at Permata Depok Hospital 27 June 2019

Written by dr. Regia Puspa Astari, CIMI

In 2018, WHO and UNICEF launched the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) to help motivate facilities in providing maternity and newborn services worldwide in order to implement the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. First step and second steps to successful breastfeeding recommends every facility should provide maternity services and care for newborn infants and have a written breastfeeding policy which should routinely communicated to all health care staff.


Permata Depok Hospital held in house training on lactation in June 27, 2019, attended by pediatrician, doctor, nurse, midwife and staff at Permata Depok Hospital. The purpose of the seminar was to ensure that staffs have a sufficient knowledge, competence and skills to support breastfeeding.

The attached below were the photos taken during the implementation:

The seminar was opened with remarks from Director of Permata Depok Hospital, dr. Heldi Nazir, MARS

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Seminar participants take pictures with speakers and organizers


Asti Praborini, pediatrician, IBCLC explained about the lactation clinic of Permata Hospital Depok, the anatomy and physiology of lactation and breastfeeding, and problem in babies


Mrs. Yudhi Susilowati, A.Md.Kep, as patients and nurse at clinic Permata Depok Hospital delivered the story about her children post-frenotomy case at the age of 13 with speech problem



Viranda Putri Mariska explained about ten steps to successful breastfeeding in order to provide all Permata Depok Hospital staff in further implementation of maternity and newborn services as Baby-friendly Hospital


Asti Praborini, pediatrician, IBCLC taking pictures with Permata Depok Hospital lactation team, pediatrician and some nurse and midwife of Permata Depok Hospital Clinic


Novita Adelina described the practice of treatment of kangaroo methods, benefits of kangaroo treatment method for baby LBW Babyand showed the participants how to install cloth for Kangaroo Method Maintenance

Widarni, MARS, IBCLC, described how the sick mother can still breastfeed

Regia Puspa Astari, CIMI teaches about complimentary feeding for breastfed babies


Regia Puspa Astari, CIMI and dr. Novita Adelina explained and practiced lactation tools for lactation


The best Pre-test seminar score won by Mrs. Yudhi Susilowati, A.Md.Kep, The best Post-test seminar score won by Mrs. Kharisma Fili Aulia, A.Md.Keb and Mrs. Widya Ning Tyas, A.Md.Keb.

All winners received a gift package and “Anti Stress Menyusui” book from Permata Depok Hospital



See you at the next show! Breastfeeding? Yes Yes!


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