Seminar and Workshop on Lactation for Health Personnel at Permata Depok Hospital 30-31 March 2018

Permata Depok Hospital held lactation seminars and workshops attended by breastfeeding health workers. The seminar was held on March 30, 2018, while the workshop was held on March 31, 2018.

Here are the photos of the implementation:

The seminar was opened with remarks by Director of Permata Depok Hospital, dr. Heldi Nazir, MARS

Mrs. Eti Rohati, SKM, MKM, as Head of Family Health and Nutrition Health Department Depok City Health Office delivered her explanation about Breastfeeding Policy and its implementation in Depok City.

Mrs. Farahdibha Tenrilemba, MKes, Secretary General of Association of Breastfeeding Mother in Indonesia, explained about the expectation of breastfeeding mother and her family to health personnel

dr. Asti Praborini, pediatrician, IBCLC explained about lactation clinic of Permata Hospital Depok
dr. Ratih Ayu Wulandari, IBCLC describes the treatment of breastfeeding in health facilities

dr. Viranda Princess Mariska describes the anatomy and physiology of lactation


dr. Alfiben, OBGYN, describes how the sick mother can still breastfeed

dr. Shella Riana teaches about complimentary feeding for breastfed babies

Mrs. Yenni Rustina, SKep, MAppSc, PhD explain what are the benefits of kangaroo treatment method for baby LBW Baby

Seminar participants take pictures with speakers and organizers


The farthest participants came from Riau, namely Dr. Siti Habsyah Masri, SpA, MKes, (with green veil), taking pictures with some of the seminar committee

Three lactation patients of Permata Depok Hospital delivered the story of their struggling to breastfeed.



The best Posttest seminar score was won by Ade Fitriyani, AMd.Kep from RSIA Kemang Medical Care, who received a gift package from Wardah Cosmetics.

The atmosphere of the second day, lactation workshop

dr. Dyah Febriyanti, IBCLC describes the correct position and attachment of breastfeeding

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dr. Gina Swastika, IBCLC, CIMI explained about the technique of milk expression and milk storage

dr. Wenny Wirdatul Hasanah, IBCLC teaches on how to give milk to a baby with a cup

Ns Heli Setyawati, Amd.Kep explained about oxytocin massage

dr. Novita Adelina describes the practice of treatment of kangaroo methods

Facilitator, dr. Ika Nurillah Satriani practiced the attachment position of breastfeeding within the group

The atmosphere of group discussion with the facilitator, dr. Ines Camilla

Participants practice directly how to install cloth for Kangaroo Method Maintenance with facilitator’s guidance, drg. Lusia Arniviolita

All participants of the workshop took pictures with the committee, resource person, and facilitator

See you at the next show! Breastfeeding? Yes!


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