Breastfeeding my tongue tied baby

I want to share my story of breastfeeding baby with tongue tie. Although I am a dentist and have become a lactation counselor before giving birth, it turns out my nursing process is not as easy as the theory I have.

My first child was born 6 years ago with a normal delivery. The baby girl was born during the day with a birth weight of 2500 gr. I gave birth in a hospital that has applied 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, so that after the baby was born the doctor initiated Early Breastfeeding. It felt great when my baby was put skin to skin on my chest and started feeding. The Initiation of Breastfeeding was done for more than an hour, until my baby was satisfied suckling. After that we were put rooming in and she could suckle whenever she wants.

At night the breastfeeding drama begin. The little baby was crying constantly and never satisfied  when feeding, although I always nurse whenever she wants. I felt pain on my nipple during breastfeeding, but not yet cracked. I started thinking, “I wonder if my baby had tongue tie.” I felt the bottom of his tongue and there was an obstacle at the bottom of his mouth. “Wow, this is a tongue tie,” I thought at the time. I told my husband about the baby condition and asked for his approval if frenotomy procedure should be needed. My husband agreed as he also felt tired and lack of sleep of hearing our baby cried all the time.

The next morning I asked my baby to be checked by the pediatrician. As I suspected, she said my baby had tongue tie and needed frenotomy.

The frenotomy took place quickly, my baby just cried for a while. After that I breastfed her immediately. I felt much different before and after the procedure. My baby was able to put more areola into her mouth, deeper suction, and suckle more calmly. Even at night my husband and I were slept more comfortably because our baby was calmer than before. The next day we were allowed discharge from the hospital.

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At home, it turns out the breastfeeding drama was still continue. My nipples still felt very painful during breastfeeding. Pain increased with water and bath towel. Fatigue being a new mother made me almost give up. At that time I thought to give pacifier or bottle. Though I know that bottle and pacifier will bring harm to breastfeeding.

Fortunately, my husband is always support me for breastfeeding. There was a time when I cried with pain as my baby cried with thirst. My imagination of a beautiful breastfeeding seems have gone.

It was then that my friend, who was also a lactation counselor, came to see me. Her baby was born few months earlier and also had frenotomy due to tongue tie at the beginning of her birth. She gave me a great support and told me “Relax Nis, you will be good “she said with confidence.

Those words made me feel good again, because she had already experienced what I experienced at the time. I was like being in a long dark hallway, but began to see the light at the end of the aisle. “Another week is over,” I repeated every time the pain came. And it turned out to be true, slowly the pain began to decrease until a week later completely lost.

I began to adapt to a new mother and enjoy the beauty of breastfeeding. I am fortunate to have all kinds of support for successful breastfeeding. Until the end I managed to nurse my baby two full years.

Nowadays tongue exercises and multi purpose ointment for nipple sore are used as after care post frenotomy. Mothers are experience faster healing. I had no idea about this years ago.

When my second child was born, she also had  tongue tie. I did tongue exercises after the procedure and the nipple pain was not too bad as my first baby. I managed to nurse my second child also for 2 years with the full support of family and the environment. Now they grow as beautiful children, healthy and smart.

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