Children are Our Future Generation

Raising our children to be a healthy, intelligent, and tough generation is our parental duty.

It all start from the moment of pregnancy. We must pay attention to important things such as parents’ psychological maturity, balanced nutrient intake, and routine check up until the moment of birth.

Once our children are born, breast milk is the best nutrient source to fulfill babies’ nutrient needs and protect them from possible diseases. Unfortunately, a lot of mother hasn’t optimally breastfeed their babies for various reasons.

Referring to the Health Constitution Number 36 in the Year 2009 Article 128 and Indonesian Government Regulations Number 33 in the year 2012, “breastfeeding is the right of every infant and during breastfeeding, family, government, and society should fully support every mother with the provision of time and special facilities”, thus Asti Praborini establish a Praborini lactation team.

The purpose of our lactation team is to be a source of information for pregnant mothers who want to better understand the benefit of breastfeeding and how to properly breastfeed their babies. It is also a place for counseling and management for mothers with breastfeeding problems.

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Our lactation team provides services for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, with high involvement from Obstretric and Gynecology Specialists along with Pediatricians. Mothers who are 28 weeks pregnant (ANC) could be referenced to our Lactation Clinic, and postpartum mothers are welcome for counseling.

Lactation Clinic’s Facilities and Services

  • Internationally certified consultants
  • Experienced nationally certified counselors
  • Comfortable and appropriate equipment
  • Effective time of services
  • Strategic location

7 Contacts with Lactation Counselors According to WHO

  1. 28 weeks gestational age
  2. 36 weeks gestational age
  3. Early Initiation of Breastfeeding
  4. Post-partum / after giving birth
  5. Infant is 7 days old
  6. Infant is 14 days old
  7. Infant is 40 days old

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